LED-Screen Virtual Production: Immersive Realities

Vitesco Technologies

As part of our collaboration with Vitesco Technologies, we implemented a series of virtual production events, including press conferences, capital market days and annual shareholder meetings. The aim was to present Vitesco Technologies as a modern and technologically advanced company, while respecting the client’s corporate branding.

We used our extensive expertise in virtual production to create stunning virtual backdrops and backdrops that wowed audiences while reflecting Vitesco Technologies’ corporate identity. The technology used allowed us to create an immersive and engaging atmosphere that caught the viewers’ attention and portrayed the company in a positive light.

The Virtual Production events were carefully planned and implemented to meet the requirements and needs of Vitesco Technologies. We worked closely with the client to ensure that the events met expectations and added value to the business.

By using LED screens, we were able to take Vitesco Technologies’ Virtual Production events to a new level and create a unique atmosphere. The use of cutting-edge technology helped the company present itself as innovative and forward-thinking.

The result has been successful presentations of Vitesco Technologies as an innovative and forward-thinking company that relies on cutting-edge technology. We are proud to have contributed to strengthening the image of Vitesco Technologies and presenting the company in a unique and impressive way.

SERVICE Production
YEAR 2022