Where is the MINI brand going? What strategic aspects will shape the traditional, style-conscious and modern MINI brand in 2021? This was discussed with the entire management on BMW Day and commented on in an atmospheric and entertaining manner in the evening at the get-together in a relaxed atmosphere. We were commissioned to conceive and design a generative video and sound installation for the MINI brand (BMW Group) as part of the internal management event “MINI 2021”. Sound, light, architecture, video and music were interwoven into a multimedia event for this event. Under our direction, the concept of the auditory connection between nature and technology became the basis of the design. For this purpose, natural sounds such as forest atmospheres, birdsong, nature sounds, etc. and technical/technological sounds such as science fiction sounds, functional sounds, signals, synth sounds, etc. were used.

At the event in the Reithalle in Munich, different sound zones were set up and filled with different sounds and music from our sound installation. Every 20 minutes, the audio streams were changed between the sound zones to create a varied and always exciting sound atmosphere for the guests. A small special feature of the sound installation was the use of a moving speaker for the birdsong. With these special loudspeakers, the sounds of the birdsong were thrown into the room with high sound pressure. The movement of the sound beam created the illusion of real birds in the hall

SERVICE Produktion
YEAR 2019